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Topic: TASCAM US-2400 and Digital Perfprmer

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    TASCAM US-2400 and Digital Perfprmer

    Just picked up a Tascam US-2400 for a great price. It works great with
    general recording and mixing. I just can't figure how to access the plugins such as reverb etc. frpm the US-24000 so I do it with my mouse.

    Can someone give me a step by step process on how to access a reverb and or eq via the US-2400.



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    Re: TASCAM US-2400 and Digital Perfprmer


    Try this resource for US-2400 owners.

    Generally editing plug-ins is difficult as it was not designed for this, but it has been solved for some applications by a keen band of owners who have tried to hack together a solution. I know it has been achieved for Sonar and Cubase, but don't know if it has been done for DP. You'll need to search the forum, or take inspiration from the other postings and hack a solution for yourself.

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    Re: TASCAM US-2400 and Digital Perfprmer

    Thanks. I didn't really want to hack it. Perhaps the Mackie Control Surface will be the way to go?

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