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Topic: Which VSL Woodwinds?

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    Which VSL Woodwinds?

    i'm really confused about VSL libraries.....can you please help choosing a really nice Woodwind library?? Opus1? or Woodwinds and Brass for the Pro Edition? or?? HelP!!!! Bye

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    Re: Which VSL Woodwinds?

    Perhaps VSL Brass & Woodwinds?
    'First edition' is the first edition of VSL. 'Pro edition' is second edition, with newer and more samples. Opus 1 is pro edition in miniature, and contains most instruments - not just woodwinds.
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    Re: Which VSL Woodwinds?

    Another option for woodwinds is Westgate Studios Modular Series. They include legato instruments with five dynamic layers, come in GS3 or K2 format, and are quite affordable. The only downside is that they're not all available just yet. The upside is that they are the equal of VSL woodwinds. (It's a judgment call as to whether they're a bit better, or if VSL has the edge. They're both excellent.)

    If you get the Oboe and Flute DVD you get solo oboe, oboe ensemble, English horn, solo flute, flute ensemble, alto flute and piccolo. If I were to guess, I'd say that we'll see the clarinet DVD late in the first half of the year and the bassoon DVD in the second half - that's just a guess though. I have no inside information on this.

    In the meantime you can get the older Westgate Woodwinds to cover all the instruments for not a lot of cash. The recording of the older lib isn't as clean (but it has a natural grit that has good character), and it's not as liquid to play. There's no legato. The good news is that it has a big dynamic range. The bad news is that the layers are spread a bit wide, so you can hear the jump from one layer to the next, making them less playable in real time.

    This additional option might make it harder to choose. The good news is that between VSL and Westgate woodwinds there are no bad choices.

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    Re: Which VSL Woodwinds?

    I would strongly recommend the VSL VI woodwind package I which contains flute, french oboe, clarinet and bassoon. All superb!


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