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Topic: Getting GPO to show up in Logic Pro 7.2

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    Getting GPO to show up in Logic Pro 7.2

    I've installed both these programs (GPO works o.k. standalone), but can't get GPO to show up in Logic Pro after creating an Audio Instrument and then clicking under "I/O" to load a GPO program.
    GPO authorized o.k. and loaded on the same level as the Logic Pro program.
    Any help? Thanks.

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    Re: Getting GPO to show up in Logic Pro 7.2

    Hi Sam,

    GPO instruments should show up under AU Instruments/Native Instruments/Garritan Personal Orchestra. AU Instruments is choosable from Mono, Stereo or Multi Channel. Did you install GPO in the default location? If not, perhaps that is the problem.

    By the way, I have had a lot of problems using GPO with Logic (I use Logic Express 7.3.2). I have Dual Mirror Door Dual 1.42 GHz machine and discovered that I have to use multi-instruments (tutorial on the Garritan Web Site) to eliminate clicks and pops in the output (if I use a different instance of the NI player for each GPO instrument, the CPU gets loaded down). Also, if I switch between two pieces using GPO multi instruments, LE goes berserk (a sound something like a high pitched grinding machine is emitted from my speakers after the switch). So, I have to close the piece I'm working on, mute the speakers, switch to the new piece and after it is loaded, quit LE. Then I open LE, which is on the new piece and can work on it.

    You also may wish to look at my message to the forum of 1-31-07 ("Logic Express and GPO crashes") in case Logic Pro has the same problem with changing a stereo EXS instrument to a mono GPO instrument.

    That said, I really like the GPO instruments. There just seems to be some compatibility problems between Logic and GPO that require workarounds.


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    Re: Getting GPO to show up in Logic Pro 7.2

    This may sound stupid and don't laugh, but i found that when i installed GPO in Logic 7.2 I expected it to be automatically turned on by the AU manager. This wasn't the case and i had to manually go to the AU manager and turn it on.

    Have you checked whether GPO is in the AU list, and there is a tick next to it?


    David Tobin

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    Re: Getting GPO to show up in Logic Pro 7.2

    You have an Intel Mac, don't you? GPO isn't yet a Universal Binary plug-in, so it won't run in Logic (but it will run stand alone under emulation using Rosetta). Unfortunately the UB update hasn't been released yet, so you'll just have to be patient until they can get it out or you'll have to invest in Kontakt 2 to use the library.

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