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Topic: Help me, please!

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    Help me, please!

    Hi, I'm Italian and yesterday I was looking for a good tutorial of orchestration, but I didn't find anything in my language. So I tried searching in English and I found this great manual!

    Today I started translating it and studying the first lesson, but I immediately had a problem. I don't know what does "double stop" meen! I need an example to understand (I can't find the right Italian translation). Can you help me, linking me to an audio or video file where there are strings which do a double stop? Thank you so much.

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    Re: Help me, please!

    Simply put ...a double stop is when a string instrument plays 2 notes at once. Example: if a violin was to play its 2 lowest strings at once G and D.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Help me, please!

    Here is an example of a double, triple and quadruple stop in the Gofriller Cello:


    and a violins playing double stop:


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    Re: Help me, please!

    Thank you!... Here in Italy we call two notes at once "bicordi". It's easy for me understanding "piano, forte, adagio" and so on, they're italian expressions and I've been studying music, classical guitar and harmony for about six years, so I'd like to learn orchestration :P, but some words are totally different from italian. Thanks again

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