Garritan Offers More Free Interactive Online Music Courses!

Interactive Principles of Orchestration Course Recommences and New Courses Being Offered -- Open To All without Fee or Charge of Any Kind


Garritan is recommencing its free online interactive orchestration course, based on Rimsky-Korsakov's classic text, "Principles of Orchestration". The entire course is available free to anyone willing to learn. New courses including "Common Problems in Orchestration" by Professor Alan Belkin and "Structure Your Music" by Professor Terry Dwyer are also starting presently.

"Common Problems in Orchestration" is designed to follow up and add to the Garritan/Rimsky-Korsakov online orchestration course. It will add to the concepts and skills in orchestration you have already learned from Rimsky-Korsakov’s book. Each mini-course has a specific problem in orchestration. The examples following propose various solutions, beginning with poor ones ( typical of beginners) and finishing with a professional version. "Stucture Your Music" deals with form and discusses good development to make sure your music is well structured.

Nothing like these groundbreaking online orchestration courses has been attempted. The realization of these courses involved the talent, time and dedication of numerous technical contributors and highly regarded musicians and educators. Garritan developed nearly 300 interactive scores in many lesson chapters, and is offering it in an online community learning environment. Online professors moderate the course.

Widely acclaimed by participants and educators alike, the course has attracted more than 100,000 views since it began last May. Colleges and universities have enthusiastically adopted the free orchestration course in their curriculums, and are now actively using the course to teach orchestration.

"Principles of Orchestration" is acknowledged by many colleges and universities to be the essential, authoritative text on orchestration; and the Garritan online version, with its interactive scores and moderation, has given the venerable Rimsky-Korsakov text new meaning in a modern, technological context. The new follow up courses continue to expand on that knowledge.

"We realize that it is not the tools; but rather knowledge and skill that make a great musician," said Gary Garritan, head of Garritan Corporation. "Providing quality education together with our quality samples furthers the art and provides the foundation for extraordinary music."

The online music courses will be ongoing, and open to all without charge or fee of any kind. Anyone who wants to learn is welcome to join in and participate at their own pace. Online professors will continue to moderate and remain available to answer questions; and the material will continue to be updated. Garritan is also working on making hard-copy, software, and electronic media editions of this course, at the request of many educational institutions. In the weeks and months ahead, Garritan has more free interactive courses planned. New courses are currently in development and will be available soon.

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Gary Garritan