Welcome to the "Common Problems in Orchestration" course!

We took a poll and asked what course you would like to see next after the online Interactive Principles of Orchestration. Many of you chose "Common Problems/Mistakes in Orchestration". Professor Alan Belkin took up the task to present this course. We are honored to have the professor's expertise in guiding us through this course.

You may be thinking "Common Problems and Mistakes?" Are we learning how to make mistakes and create problems? I do not need any help. I do it all the time!"

Okay, you all know that it’s not the mistakes or the problems themselves - but how to solve it. There is a saying that rings true, we “learn from our mistakes." It is from mistakes we learn and become more skilled.

In this course, each series presents a problem in the first example. The examples following propose various solutions, beginning with poor ones, typical of beginners, and finishing with a professional version.

Each lesson is self-paced: You work through the material at your own rhythm.

We welcome your participation.

Enjoy the course!

Gary Garritan