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Topic: Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

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    Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

    Just a FYI,
    i tried to install GPO on Vista and although the plug installs fine, When I try to run the registration toon, it reports success, but upon insertion of pluin in a sequencer, it says it is not registered.

    I have contacted NI, They are aware of the issue, although no slated plans or timelines to fix.


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    Re: Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

    Can you run the software in XP compatibility mode in Vista?


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    Re: Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

    Good Grief.
    I have to run a few programs in Compatibility mode but the reg tool never even dawned on me . Running in XP compat mode did the trick. GPO is up and running in Vista. Not sure why NI wouldn't have told me this. Thanks david.


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    Re: Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

    Mr. Hudson, I have the identical problem with my brand-new Vista equipped dual processor hardware monster (I had so much more success with my deceased yet puny eMachine running XP!). 2 nights ago, I attempted to "run" the GPO installation.exe in XP compatibility mode, but did not achieve the desired solution. To wit, GPO lies stagnant in my Cubase plugins folder, and Cubase does not recognize GPO as a Virtual instrument to link with my MIDI sequencer. Could you please walk me through how you accomplished this? Did you somehow "run" the already-installed program independently of your DAW software? Native Instruments told me that no solution was currently available. I appreciate any insight you can lend.

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    Re: Vista 32 and GPO incompatibilty

    I think I may be having the same problem as CHudson. Anyone have any thoughts?

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