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Topic: Orchestral Dance

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    Orchestral Dance

    Hey all-

    Just here to show that the younger composers can have fun with GPO too. I'm a 16 year old composer hobbyist in NY, I study piano but have taken a fancy to composing in that past couple of years. I got GPO almost exactly one year ago (last February) and suffice it to say I've been very, very entertained since.

    This was mostly for fun, compared to some of the more experimental things I compose for piano. I've always enjoyed Brahms's Hungarian dances (playing them four-hands is an absolute thrill) so this undoubtedly came out of that.


    I have the score in Noteworthy Composer format (I use the evaluation), but it's probably a little unclear for a variety of reasons (i.e., extra staves for switching KS settings, mod-wheel controllers instead of dynamics) but if anyone's interested I can upload that. In fact, I could upload the studio file too (it's very simple, makes writing out the score faster and easier); combine 'em and you get exactly what you hear in the mp3.

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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    I love mid-eastern music. Great piece.

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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    Quote Originally Posted by musicalmike235
    I love mid-eastern music. Great piece.
    Heh, thanks. I can't honestly say I've had more fun than when playing the Hungarian dances or Dvorak's slavonic dances; if you enjoyed this, I suggest you check out those as well! There are orchestral and four-hands arrangements of all, as well as some solo piano arrangements of the Brahms.

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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    When I get to the file, Windows Media throws an error
    I've never seen before, "Pins cannot connect due to not
    supporting the same tags."

    Any clue?


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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    It could be referring to the ID3 tags, I uploaded an edited file here to my impromptu Googlepages site. Same file, different ID3 tags used.

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    Re: Orchestral Dance


    I cannot download your file either. I get an error suggesting file not found while using Window Media player.

    A suggestion, most people post here through sites that provide direct access to the mp3 file, such as www.esnips.com. instead saying go here and then find the link someplace on the page.



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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    Most bizarre; I'm not sure if you tried the other link I offered but here's the file on eSnips. eSnips seems quite nice, I think I'll just use that here on out.

    Sorry about the trouble, I trusted Wikiupload...

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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    Good morning Simon,

    16 years of age?! Congrats, you have a full lifetime ahead to develop yourself to a composer. The "roots" are already there and I loved that Orchestral Dance. But why did you augment the tempo (rhythm)? The tempo at the beginning was very well chosen, but somewhere in the middle you start another theme with another tempo [normally that is good for having some variation], but you failed to go back to the original tempo, where you start over again with the opening theme.

    Rendering: great.
    Melody: great.
    Potential: enormous.

    Go on posting, please.

    As an "oldie" I am very pleased to hear that at least some kids aren't addicted to heavy metal, not so heavy metal, funk, punk, and whatever the names are [I am not condemning those styles, but they don't fit my ears very well and most of them only have three chords].


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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    Simon, thanks for presenting this piece here,
    I thought I heard a fiddler on the roof, enjoyed very much and perhaps through music you can say these words from that musical.

    "Dear God, you made many, many poor people.
    I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor.
    But it's no great honor either!
    So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?"


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    Re: Orchestral Dance

    Simon, I'm getting a broken link on this one - but would like to hear it. I'll try again later.

    Regards, Graham

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