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Topic: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

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    Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Hey yall,

    Newest work, from a Final Fantasy game, called Vamo' alla Flamenco! Strings are GPO. Bass is JABB. Everything else is either me on one of 4 guitars, or my friend on Trumpet and and flute. ¡Arriba!


    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Bien hecho, muchacho!


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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!


    My castanets praise you! Sam, high-quality
    work on this, from one end to the other. This
    is one of those pieces I listen through three
    or four times just to admire the crafstmanship.

    What a great job on this!

    My best,


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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Wow! Very nice! This was great fun to listen to. Love the trumpets.
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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Ah Mariacchi ariba, ole!

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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Great Piece, I really enjoyed this!
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    Re: Get your Flamenco on! Vamo'!

    Trying to listen to this a second time, but I have to put down my crunchy taco and spicy salsa!

    WOW. Awesome. You have really captured the flavor and accents with this fantastic render and realization.

    Superb! (As always). Your versatility is humbling, Sam.

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