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Topic: Staccato strings in GPO

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    Staccato strings in GPO

    I have a very rapid staccato (on repeated notes) in the strings (triplet 16ths at quarter=60) and they will not speak. There is almost complete drop out during this sections. The woodwinds doing the same are speaking fairly well. I am using human playback and this was entered manually with simple entry. Is there something I can do to the HP settings to actually make the staccato work?

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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    Hi Bruce,

    welcome to the forum.

    You could try to use different patches, such as alternating bows. My guess however is that it will work best with the Sus+Short AG patch.

    If nothing else works, copy the passage to a second system and delete each second note in them - alternating of course.

    Hope this helps,

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    Thanks. I was able to achieve the effect I want by simply removing the staccato markings and making a few changes in HP. I guess it was a little silly to ask for staccato on notes that were being played that rapidly (no way to play them with much length anyway). I have a similar problem in another piece at a slower tempo, and I'll try some of your suggestions there.

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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    You can also tweak with the values of the staccato articulation to find a better solution. I guess you have to copy your staccato articulations not to interfer with HP. I have lots of staccatos for playback, from values of 20-90 for different purpose. 90 can be very handy if you want som "air" between notes.


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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Wouldn't a tweak of the length parameter during that passage in the MIDI editor also help? Seems to me I remember someone posting that tip a few months back in relation to a similar situation.

    Off course! But using Midi Tool or articulation editor should be the same thing.
    Though easier and faster with articulation. And you can use art. that doesn´t have any sign if you like.


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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    Quote Originally Posted by BruceStevenson
    Is there something I can do to the HP settings to actually make the staccato work?
    Not familiar with all abbreviations: what is HP apart from Hewlett Packard?


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    Re: Staccato strings in GPO

    Sorry about the abreviation - Human Playback in Finale. The human playback feature does some pretty clever things with our standard notation, and frees us from some of the drudgery of midi editing (although there are times that I want to just dump everything into one of my old midi sequencers and edit the heck out of things). For instance, I can put "pizz." in the score and Human Playback does the changes required for this to happen (change of patch or channel). It does some other things which aren't so clever, but for the most part, my orchestrations sound far better with it than without it.

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