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Topic: A bunch more...

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    A bunch more...

    Here are a few more things I've written recently (i.e., since and during the summer), two orchestral (all GPO of course) and then two small piano pieces I'm sneaking in.


    Basically centered on a single melody (Hades's theme). Nothing else to say, really.

    Orchestral Dance no. 2

    This was technically written quite a bit before the first, but was originally entitled a hungarian dance which it isn't really, hence the rename. The volume levels were a bit of a disaster in parts...sorry 'bout that.

    Prelude no. 1 in F# minor

    This was a bit of experimenting in countermelodies and dissonance. I hypothesize that anything (any chord, interval, etc.) can sound appropriate in music if it is placed in the correct context, so this piece is litterered with major sevenths and minor seconds just to try and prove that.

    Prelude no. 2 in E minor

    As a challenge I'd like to say "Guess the time signature!" but I'll ruin it right now and say that this was me having fun with changing time signature virtually every measure. The object was to maintain flow without making it seem too unnatural or bizarre.

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    Re: A bunch more...


    Excellent coloristic work in this; very visual feel to this,
    Simon, at least for me. It certainly evokes the son of
    Chaos of legend and myth, the darkness and shadow.

    Orchestral Dance No. 2...

    That wild tempo shift early on, that threw me a curve;
    but much of this is delightful! I was rather amused by
    a (very submerged) implication of calypso... lol! Perhaps
    a little rethinking on tempi management in this.

    Prelude #1...

    You're correct, of course; created within context, what
    might seem dissonant on paper loves the ear when
    heard. Nice work on this.

    Prelude #2...

    Good work with the management of shifting time in
    this (something I do quite a lot of myself): the flow in
    it is excellent. And -- it's likewise quite a fine prelude;
    strong writing in this... quite a color to it!

    My best,


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    Re: A bunch more...

    Hi Simon,

    A bunch more......... I envy you. Nice doing. Particularly the orchestral dance and those preludes. Some people have DNA, you certainly have "D & A" [minor and major] in your blood. And thank your father for it!


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