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Topic: Emanuelle

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    Here is a GPO demo of Michel Columbier's "Emmanuel". I originally heard this on Branford Marsalis' classical sax album. Although it undoubtedly works best with strings, my arrangement here is for winds (oboe, 3 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, harp, string bass and vibes). Straight out of Finale. Such a pretty tune.


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    Re: Emanuelle

    A very beautiful arrangement -- and rendition -- of this,
    David... superbly done. While the strings arrangement is,
    certainly, quite moving; this gentle, far more intimate
    wind treatment, to me, says a great deal, as well.

    I've listened through this a few times now, partly to
    shake the cobwebs of previous hearings of other versions;
    but -- mostly for the sheer loveliness of it.

    My best,


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    Re: Emanuelle

    Lovely arrangement of this work. I can see why you would have set it for winds given the Marsalis CD as a point of reference. It works very well and the GPO makes it shine.



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    Re: Emanuelle

    Very nice! Pretty decent mix too for being straight out of Finale. Nice sensitivity
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    Re: Emanuelle

    Nice job, Plano Dude! This is two minutes and twenty-four seconds of very pretty music.

    Thanks for your efforts and thank you for posting it.


    Larry G. Alexander

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