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Topic: my first jabb

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    Farmer Joe

    Finally got to the stage in this project I've been working on since the the Fall where it's time to do the brass. Excuse me if it's not up to snuff, but I don't play brass and haven't ever worked with a brass sample library before. Here's my first mix with my live piano. The piano recording is kind of in final form:


    Btw, there are 3 trumpet parts and one trombone. All JABB. I have them panned to the right of center with the trombone furthest right because when I saw BS&T this summer, that's how they lined up.

    I left off the scratch vocal, btw. My plan for the brass is to record it live too so this is intended to be a mock up prior to writing out the brass arrangments for the players. There will be live drums too but we're leaving arranging that to the drummer who's listening to the vocal/piano mixes right now. Any and all comments would be appreciated.


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    Re: my first jabb

    This is rough, as you said, Howard; but reading through
    that -- I'd say you're getting a reasonably good handle
    on the brass... and again, if rough, there's some strong
    material in this.

    I'm not all that well-versed in the JABB brass; so I hope
    some of our more able practitioners will chime in on this.

    My best,


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    Re: my first jabb

    You think the brass is rough... good thing I spared you the scratch vocal.

    Seriously though, I'm worried I might be asking live players to do the impossible with 3 trumpets and a trombone. Not likely I'll get BS&T or Chicago interested in this project but there's a band director of a local high school interested. I think the parts have to be exactly right and in manageable ranges first, though. Thanks for giving it a listen.


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    Re: my first jabb

    Not to worry. Everything here is comfortably playable by reasonably good high school brass musicians. College players would breeze through this and any pro would find it easy. It should turn out fine in the final mix with real players.


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    Farmer Joe

    Thanks, Tom. I didn't make a great effort to fine-tune the mix but I did want to get the brass at roughly the levels I'm after. Probably need to go in a sculpt the piano mix in certain spots, however. I'm also thinking of maybe narrowing the piano, and maybe sliding it and the the vocal too, a little more to the left in the soundstage. I'm also trying to leave room for percussion over on the right side.

    In talking with a former brass player, I gathered that its customary to write the b-flat trumpet parts out a whole step higher while the trombone part stays in the same key as the piano, but is notated in the bass clef.


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