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Topic: Orchestral Medley

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    Orchestral Medley

    Hello everybody...

    Now it was finally time for me to register as a member of the forum :-)

    I made this short medley in 2-3 days time since I had to do an application for Hummie Manns film scoring course here in Denmark. I hope you all like it and please let me know if you have any comments (good, bad, poor orchestration etc.).

    I haven't been using GPO that long so they sound may be poor at times :-)


    I don't really like the strings in the beginning playing the melody. I think they sound too mechanical/electronic (it's the sound, not the timing I don't like). Please give me any advice how to make them more alive!!

    Best regards,

    Toni Martin Dobrzanski

    www.t-m-d.dk - more sound samples

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Very nice, Toni!

    You certainly know what you are doing orchestration-wise. Your melodies flow very well.

    Welcome to this music forum. I look forward to hearing more of your music.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Thanks for the answers! Nice to hear that you like it :-)

    I've listened to the oboe at the parts you mentioned and you are quite right. Thans for pointing it out for me!

    Toni Martin Dobrzanski

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Very nice indeed, I enjoyed the score and rendering.
    GPO has the cc1 to adjust level but I think you can do more by riding the fader on the channel you have the strings on, that's supposing you use a DAW during the audio recording stage.
    A constant velocity level is one of the biggest giveaways between real and sampled instruments.
    Best Regards

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Real nice orchestration. I also like the textures that you conveyed. I enjoyed it alot.

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Welcome to the forum, Toni!

    And quite a powerful introduction. This is excellent
    work... with a lot of range and depth to it. Barring
    a few spots [re: Stephen's keen ear] that might merit
    a little more attention, the coherency and flow in this
    is first-rate; and the orchestration smooth as silk.

    I've listened through this several times. Nice job!

    Keep it coming...

    My best,


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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Thank you all for the really honest comments!! :-)

    It's really nice to hear it from people that are composers them selves.

    Once again, thanks! ;-)

    Toni Martin Dobrzanski

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    Re: Orchestral Medley

    Hi Toni,

    it is wonderful how musical ideas get their way into the world with the help of sampled libraries. Yours included. We all must admit that this piece adds to our overall joy of making music.

    Another new member we must remember!


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