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Topic: iLock

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    Cool iLock

    Just bought Opus 1. Waiting for its arrival. I have a ilock usb, do I still have to buy a special vienna usb key, or will the ilock work?

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    Re: iLock

    Opus 1 doesn't use a dongle.


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    Re: iLock

    Let us know how you like Opus1 once you have used it a bit. I have a few sample libraries (EWQLSO Silver and Gold XP, KHSO Emerald), but two I have not purchased (if I even need them) is Vienna and Sonic Implants (now called Sonivox) - that I have been looking at with keen interest. GPO is also something I am looking into for solo instruments.

    Good luck with Opus1. From what I hear it is outstanding.


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    Re: iLock

    I will post some separate sample sounds from Opus 1 when I get it.

    I'll do strings, brass, etc. With no reverb...just out of the box, once I get it so you can get a clear idea of how it exactly sounds.

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    Re: iLock


    Opus one is not available anymore on ilio.com ...
    anybody knows why ?


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