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Topic: Tracktion 2 and Aftertouch

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    Question Tracktion 2 and Aftertouch


    Does anyone know if Tracktion 2 can use aftertouch? I have tracktion 1, and it does not appear to support aftertouch, so I was wondering if I should upgrade to Tracktion 2? Or maybe there is a way to use aftertouch in Tracktion 1? Thanks for the help.


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    Re: Tracktion 2 and Aftertouch

    No, I have tracktion 2 and it still does not support aftertouch. From ny understanding on the Mackie site, Tracktion 2 will still not have aftertouch. This all is a bummer if you are using J&BB especially. I have voiced my discontent with the situation as many others have too. But, Mackie is developing Tracktion as a strongly live recoriding studio and as yet does not get the concept of midi and the strengths it still possesses.

    I have picked up "Reaper" which is a shareware sequencer that has no problems at all with aftertouch and I render all my .wav files that need aftertouch in "Reaper" then transport them to tracktion for mixdown.

    I hope this helps you in your decision on upgrading to Tracktion 2 or 3 (whatever). My choice as I look back would be to go to Sonar.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Tracktion 2 and Aftertouch

    I agree there. Aftertouch is a pretty important controller to be MISSING on what is otherwise, a fantastic sequencer / DAW. Beno, one of the Mackie guru guys, promises aftertouch support during the Tracktion 3 cycle (which means it will be available, but not for the initial T3 release). That is silly - it SHOULD have been part of version 1.2 or something. Oh well.

    I know a few PC users found some third-party solutions (plugins) that will allow aftertouch in Tracktion - but I cannot seem to find the links. I'll get back with you on that.

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