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Topic: Re-discovering NOTION

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    Re-discovering NOTION

    After the intense work I did on NOTION for the contest, I took a bit of a break from it (holidays, etc.). I started using MOTU DP5 with some of my orchestral libraries since I wanted to do some realistic mock-ups too. Problem is, I had gotten so spoiled with the immediacy of NOTION that routing my softsynths, checking for latency, freezing synths and mixing down, all that stilted my compositional creativity. So last night after writing a piece that I tested MOTU SI, EWQLSO Gold Pro XP, and HALion Symphonic Orchestra on, I turned on NOTION and started writing a piece for saxes and small orchestra. And you know what? It put a smile on my face. All I had to do was enter the notes I wanted, add my articulation and phrasing, and BINGO, it was done. I even used the enharmonic re-spelling tool and it worked like a charm.

    Now if only I had note audition, I wouldn't feel bound by the keyboard I have attached to my computers. For basic diatonic pieces, I don't need it but I was getting into some pretty funky harmonic extensions and non-key relatedf passing tones that really demanded using a keyboard for pitch verification. Anyhow, I know that's on the horizon (as well as those awesome solo strings!) so I'll just curtail my wishing and simply say that NOTION continues to amaze and assist me in realizing my musical ideas in a quick and effecient way.

    Thanks all at Virtuoso Works!


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    Re: Re-discovering NOTION

    I readed your text with great atention..
    Very interesting Mr chavecos.



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