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Topic: Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

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    Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

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    Does anyone have any tricks to reduce breathing noise when recording a acoustic guitar? Ive tried several micangles and a shirt in front of my mouth. Im still picking up more noise than I would like.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

    You can breathe AND play the guitar? That's cool!

    No, seriously - I must say breath noise has never been an issue whilst self recording - squeaky chairs, dogs deciding to come into the studio to see what I'm up to, telephones etc., yes!

    Assuming that the guitar is around waist height and you are using a fairly close mic facing the guitar on the axis of the strings somewhere between the sound hole and the neck then it shouldn't really be a problem. Are you using a directional mic? An omni-directional mic might pick up more than you want.
    But you are probably going to have to concentrate on breathing silently as best you can if it's still a problem.

    Good luck!


    P.S. - you're not trying to BLOW it are you?

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    Re: Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

    Sorry if this is too late. I recently encountered this problem. I was using an AKG Solidtube and after recording an awesome performance I listened back and could hear my breathing. What a waste!

    I kept the nose from bleeding (hehe) by simply turning my head away from the mic.

    I think what created this problem though is that I was using a classical with nylons when I really should've been using a steel string. I wanted really bright guitars but with the warm sound of the nylons I had to boost the high shelving a bit and cut the low shelving on the mic pre to get the brightness.

    subtle placement changes can have dramatic effects as you've probably noticed. You can try placing it towards the outside of the sound hole. Theoretically you can get a lot of the finger sounds that way while also achieving a little more distance from the guitar, but I've never got a sound there that was as good as placing the mic in front of the neck, on the inside of the sound hole.

    Good luck.
    Michael Peter

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    Re: Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

    Use this when recording - works every time.

    Dust Mask

    Then again, I like the recording to sound like a person was playing. Breathing, body noises, etc. All good IMO.
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    Re: Reducing breathnoise when recording acoustic guitar

    Pop filters don't woik?
    By the way Ern that's freaking funny as all h e double hockey sticks!

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