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Topic: OT - Down with flu....

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    OT - Down with flu....

    Just a quick note saying that I'm currently down with flu! It's an epedemic in Sweden right now, so here I am with a fever, runny nose and a VERY sore throat....
    I'm taking pills that makes me a bit alert for a couple of hours, (so I can write this..).
    Just wanted to let you know that I might not be answering mails for a few days. I'll try to answer a couple/day, but then it's back to bed and the DVD's...

    Just so you know!
    ...and btw, there's NOTHING as pityful then a man with a cold! (Just ask my wife...)

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Good luck... I have had it for a month and a half now... The coughs are finally winding down a bit these last few days.

    It was a nasty one!

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Get well soon!

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Get well soon, Worra..
    Whenever I get ill, it is debatable whether to send for a doctor, or a drama critic!
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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Hmm .. this might be a profitable opportunity to 'bother' him about some discounts

    Kidding aside, I had the flu last christmas. One doesn't exactly feel very sexy, so to speak. Best wishes and hopes of a quick recovery.
    Kid: When I become an adult I wanna be a musician.
    Parent: Son, you cannot become both.

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Get better soon Worra. Get plenty of rest. Don't overdo it (like I recently did and developed pneumonia). Take time to listen to all the wonderful music that users made with your libraries. That will make you feel better.

    Wishing you a speed recovery.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Hi Worra, so sorry to read about you being sick, that stinks.

    As Gary has said, listen to some music that was made with your libraries.
    Here is a song titled Water Fountain by David Foster. I copied this by ear from David Foster's Symphony Sessions CD. The strings are Garritan Orchestral Strings (GOS) and the other instruments are from GPO, and the Garritan Stradivari Solo violin peaking through every now and then.

    The piano is TBO!

    Love that thing.

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    Re: OT - Down with flu....


    I hear ya, man. I have been sick as a freakin dog. First my wife gets sick as crap and then I get it.

    Turns out that there is a salmonella poisoning problem here in the USA with certain (now under recall) serial numbered bottles of Skippy Peanut butter and Walmart brand Peanut butter - which we had the recalled version and both of us got it . . . BAD!!! It's one of the worst things I have ever had to endure! We obviously threw out the bottle of Walmart peanut butter!

    So get well soon, take airborne and lots of zinc and vitamin c (i'm no doctor, but those do work, taken in moderation).


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    Re: OT - Down with flu....

    Yeah Karma, cash in on that dude! You deserve it if you got sold a batch of poison peanut butter! How the heck does THAT get through?

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