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Topic: RECORDING SOUND FOR FILM Acceptable noise floor

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    RECORDING SOUND FOR FILM Acceptable noise floor

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    Hi, I'm recording the soundtrack dialogue and foley for a short film.

    Generally I compose for film and theatre, and record music.... (no background noise in my music!)

    The film is recorded in a rehearsal space which is reasonably quiet.

    However, I'm getting background noise at about -60dB. It sees to a be an air conditioning unit/ fridge.. although they are all switched off in the shooting space (probably from another floor in the building..?!)

    Anyway, Is this an acceptable noise level for a live 'room' recording?

    I sampled some 'Hollywood' films from DVD's and most of them have a background noise level of about -45dB. So I'm guessing that my -60 is OKAY?

    PLEASE HELP; experienced people!

    Chiseen, Hong Kong (A very noisy city)

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    Re: RECORDING SOUND FOR FILM Acceptable noise floor

    Might be worth attempting to locate the frequency and notch eq it out..

    Certainly it might be very obvious on a big cinema system even at -60dB, well worth trying to get rid of it if possible.

    Good luck!


    (love HK, btw!!)

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    Re: RECORDING SOUND FOR FILM Acceptable noise floor

    Try downloading GoldWave. It includes noise reduction software. You can use it for free to try it out - and it's only $50 to purchase. The user interface is not attractive, but the processing is quite good.

    Open your file. Highlight the part of the file with noise only. Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).

    Now highlight the part of the audio that you want to process to reduce the noise.

    From the menu select Effect -> Filter - Noise Reduce

    Now select "from clipboard". Usually I set the noise reduction to 75%. Then process the file.

    Hopefully, you will be amazed at the result.

    Best of luck.

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