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Topic: Drag N Drop In Stylus RMX (Pls Help!)

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    Smile Drag N Drop In Stylus RMX (Pls Help!)

    My name is Michael and I'm just starting out with Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. Could someone please help me with this novice problem? When I drag an element from the the RMX interface into Live6, the midi data shows up with the element name attached in Live as a new clip. All well and good. I then drag another element over into my song and it's midi data and title show up in the newly created clip. However, when I go to play the sequence of clips, I only hear the instruments in the presently selected element. How do I get Stylus RMX to follow along and change elements in it's interface with the change in sequenced clips in Live?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Drag N Drop In Stylus RMX (Pls Help!)

    Did you set the first clip as channel 1 and the second clip channel 2? I think all clips default to channel 1 in Live if I can remember right.

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    Re: Drag N Drop In Stylus RMX (Pls Help!)

    Hi. You should watch the tutorial videos. Actually best to download the one regarding Live. Then you can watch the video while having RMX open and pause til you make the needed changes in both Live and RMX. You might want to take the time and download all the videos at the Spectrasonic site so you can have them immediately handy til you get a bit better acquainted. Also if you click the Floppy icon on RMX GUI.The help area is very detailed with links to videos and stuff. You will see how to from the video.about what is new in Version 1.5. JON

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