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Topic: Missing files

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    Missing files


    Just installed the Kontakt 2.1., libraries are located to my external drive
    (see my other thread here). For some reason there are several instruments
    which have missing files. E.g. Steinway D light, Steinway D full convol.,
    they start downloading but stop for the message "Samples missing,
    X files could not be found" (X=300 in the case of S. light and X=262 in the
    case of S convol.). Several other same kind of missing files instr., however most of the instruments do work fine.

    NI support says they have got jammed with questions and can´t help for
    several days (hope not for weeks?). Can anyone give a helping comment?


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    Re: Missing files

    Re-installation of the libs. and 2.1 update fixed the problem. H.

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