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Topic: Have You Heard About B Flat?

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    Have You Heard About B Flat?


    Have you heard about Bb?


    Then it is most certainly time, and do click on "Listen"
    on the upper part of the page of this alligator-ridden,
    black hole-infested, positively fascinating NPR article:

    click here



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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    Yes. But thanks for asking.

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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    Well, son of a gun!

    Great minds and all that... lol.

    Or, more probably, I'm just hopelessly behind on the news.


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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    OK that made my day.

    I have a kind of perfect pitch based on Bb. I can always call to mind the sound of a trumpet section playing a top concert Bb, because I listened to Star Wars far too many times in my childhood.

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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?


    My personal opinion is, one can
    never get enough B-flat...

    Or, er, maybe I'm thinking of vitamin C?


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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    It's the A below Bb that is driving me crazy. It's vibrating the metal control surface on my Clavinova. The strings patch creates an oscillation.

    I hope it doesn't move to Bb.

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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    DP Dan can hear the Black hole Bb. I think he is the only mortal with this capability.


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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    oh my word Karl !
    What a hoot you are!

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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    Earth's Constant Hum possibly in Bb?
    From New Scientist: "It has been known for some time that there is a constant hum that emanates from the Earth, which can be heard near 10 millihertz on a seismometer. The problem was that nobody knew what caused it. It has now been shown that it is caused by waves on the bottom of the sea, and more specifically 'by the combination of two waves of the same frequency travelling in opposite directions.'"

    The Earth's hum comes from the bottom of the sea and not from turbulence in the atmosphere, says a US researcher, backing a novel theory put forward in 2004.

    The hum is a low rumble continually present in the ground even when there are no earthquakes happening, but is detectable only by very sensitive seismometers...
    My theory is the the earth B Flat and not round.

    To prove the earth B flat, please refer to the Flat Earth Society FAQs

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    Re: Have You Heard About B Flat?

    And here I thought we were on

    A Sharp planet!

    My Bad!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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