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Topic: Ragomania

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    Senior Member Eugene's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Dublin, Ireland


    Having written this originally for solo piano, I have now added bass, percussion and acoustic guitar - everything, including the Steinway, is JABB.
    Entitled "Ragomania" - hope you like.


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    Re: Ragomania

    Eugene, what a great piece! I have great admiration for anyone who can compose well-constructed ragtime with memorable melodies and great "catches". As a composition this is a great success.

    As a JABB realization it sounds a lot like a player piano, which may be exactly what you intended. If you are looking for a more "live" performance, I would suggest this:
    • Maybe a little slower tempo, with some ebb and flow to really bring out the best parts
    • A more varied mix of staccato and sustained sounds from the rhythm section - everything seems to be played full length which seems less human and tends to muddy things in places
    • Variance of dynamics, especially accenting the syncopations more
    I've listened to it 3 times now while writing this - still love it! Thanks.


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    Re: Ragomania

    Eugene, wonderful mixing. I second the previous reply, but the overall idea is that I LOVE IT.

    One thing you don't do, luckily, is giving it a too fast rhythm. Ragtime doesn't mean: as fast as you can, as many do today (a pity).
    I want more of this!!!


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    Re: Ragomania

    I like your ragtime music, Lad. Good job. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Best regards,

    Larry O'Alexander
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Senior Member Eugene's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Dublin, Ireland

    Re: Ragomania

    David - I am happy overall with the tempo, as I feel that it should move steadily without too much fluctuation - it's a "driven" piece to my ear.
    Regarding the staccato in the accompaniment - I take your point here. The reverb chosen has also something to do with this. It's something I will look into. I appreciate your feedback and appreciative comments.
    Raymond - Thanks for your comments - there will hopefully be more in the pipeline, when I get the time to apply myself!
    Larry - Thanks Larry, I appreciate your comments, especially coming from your goodself, a man of many ragtime compositions!

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    Re: Ragomania

    Hi, Eugene. Just started working with JABB myself but you're obviously much further along with it than I. Nicely done.


    ps: Hi from Sue.

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    Re: Ragomania

    Loved it!

    Great job on this, Eugene; a lot of
    small, subtle strokes that add up to
    a really nice piece of work.

    My best,


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