First let me start by saying that I had no idea where on the forum to put this post so I started here. I apologize in advance if this was the wrong place.

I am getting married on June 22nd. I am not a kid (52 years old). My fiancee decided that she wanted the Elton John song Tiny Dancer to be the song (slowed down a bit) that is played when the wedding party enters for the ceremony (and for her to come down too). But she doesn't want the actual Elton John song with lyrics. She wants an instrumental version which is very orchestral in nature (although leaving the piano in as it wouldn't sound right without it).

I went out on the internet and found a free midi file of the song. It sounds ok but needs considerable work to get it to flow (it's overly quantized) and of course the midi sounds called up just don't cut it. It needs high end professional samples.

I have to realistically admit that I don't have the time or really the skills to take this midi file (or some other file or scratch version) and work it until it really sounds like it belongs in a wedding, even though I have a great DAW and great software and samples. I just have not learned how to use them well enough yet.

So the idea came up to put this out in this forum so as to consider hiring someone to work with me to get what we want. I don't really know what exact budget I can allocate to this project but I don't know what fee anyone would want to do a good job with the assignment either so without asking, I can't know if there might be a good match between me and someone in these forums.

That's all I can really tell you. I don't know if starting with the midi file is the right place to begin or whether starting from scratch is the right place to begin. I would need to end up with a CD version that has the instrumental on it, running I guess around 5 minutes or so (to be negotiated).

If anyone would like to discuss this further with me, drop me an email at and we can at least talk (via email or phone). I would, of course, want to hear samples of anyone's work who wishes to be considered for an assignment like this. I also realize that this is not a large project that will bring in lucrative income to someone. But I'm not poor and will pay fairly for the right product.

Let me know if you're interested .............. Rob

P.S If I need to put this somewhere else in the forums besides here, please tell me where and I will do that.

Thanks again ....... Hope to hear from you .......... Oh yeah, if anyone wants to know, I live in California.