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Topic: Preulde to Enmity

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    Preulde to Enmity


    Intro to a larger piece I'm working on. This one is for piano, solo violin, English horns, clarinets and French horns. Any comments welcome.

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    Re: Preulde to Enmity

    I like the resonance you have on this. What did you use for reverb? A very interesting piece.

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    Re: Preulde to Enmity

    Interesting ensemble and color work on this,
    Sleutelbos; and the moods and atmosphere
    generated in this are subtle and enticing.

    Very worthwhile writing, and I much look
    forward to hearing this in the context of the
    larger work.

    My best,


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    Re: Preulde to Enmity

    jaynkate01: thanks. I used RoomWorks for it, but for the rest of the piece I might just use the one that comes with GPO. Both have their flaws but both sound decent enough, I hope.

    David: Thanks. The complete piece will take a while, although I have finished part of it. Hope it'll prove entertaining in the end.

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    Re: Preulde to Enmity

    HI! I tried to listen to your 2nd attempt at this but I could not access the file for some reason so I am going to your first part on soundclick. I can appreciate the simplicity and the soft colours of your music. Well done! It is sort of like pastel colours! Very light and soft. I would prefer a little more development in some areas (ie: English Horn solo in the middle) All that will come as you move forward. I struggle with how much to develop things myself as well.

    Keep them coming!

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