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Topic: K2 for Mac/Intel

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    K2 for Mac/Intel

    Does K2 run efficiently on a Mac/Intel machine ? ....Who's using it , and what sequencer program are you useing ? ... Any problems , or anything I should be aware of ? ...Thanks, Jim

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    Re: K2 for Mac/Intel

    Working great here. I'm using it in DP across three different MacIntel machines.

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    Re: K2 for Mac/Intel

    Thanks David ...Jim

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    Re: K2 for Mac/Intel

    Hi David,
    I'm under †he impression that FINALE 07; KONTACT2; AND Macintel
    duo won't work together. I can't get the GPO or JABB to work. But that's not
    new for me...

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    Re: K2 for Mac/Intel

    Has Garritan released Kontakt Player 2 upgrades for GPO and JABB? I'm not sure if he has or not. If not, then you're trying to run the original Kontakt Player versions, which aren't Intel-ready.

    The only way to use them -- if they're not updated yet -- would be to load them into the full version of Kontakt 2, which should work.

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