I'm experiencing a rather odd but serious problem with Halion (on WinXP SP2, Nuendo 3).

Within HALions GUI frame everything was fine, until yesterday when I went to the "Sound" page in HALion. When I pressed the "Sound" button, the visual contents of HALion's GUI displaced itself down and to the right within its own frame. Here is a screenshot. I'm stuck with Halion like this; since the contents are displaced down, I cannot get to the Page buttons anymore. I'm stuck.

I've tried and tried everything I can think of and do to get the window contents back up - but no luck. The controls within HALion still works but I can't move things back into place. I've uninstalled and reinstalled HALion (with the nessecary reboots in between) but it doesn't change. If I unload and reload HALion its fine, until I hit "sound" button and then Halion becomes like this. This occurs both in Stand-alone mode and as Nuendo Plug-in.

I've been thinking alot about anything out of the ordinary preceeding this, but I cannot think of anything.

I will call support, but Monday is very far away right now. Do you recognize this problem? is this at all a known problem for which there is a repair utility or repair process known?

Myself I'm thinking that this problem must reside within some kind of settings file or registry entry that remains in the system even after HALion's been uninstalled.

Any help, suggestions or comments are most welcome.