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Topic: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

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    Transitions in Life by Dan Kury

    Hi everyone, this is my first piece of music I have ever written.

    I know everyone will say, "that reminds me a lot of....., and,
    "you sure listen to a lot of David Foster don't you?"

    I have put off making my own original song because I can't make anything without it sounding like something I have heard before. I started with the piano and Garritan Stradivari violin, and it grew from there, much of it I had in my head, but of course I made changes along the way.

    So I call it Transitions in Life. It features elevator music, love theme music, some John Williams and of course there is some David Foster style in there too, and a Jeremy Lubbock flavored ending.

    Transitions In Life

    I dedicate this to my good friend Gary Garritan. He said I should dedicate it to Sparky, my wonderful 16 year old Schnauzer that I had to put to sleep in November. Afterall, it is suppose to take you through the various stages of Sparky's life as a little puppy to his aged body that was failing him after 16 wonderful years. So Gary, I dedicate it to both you and Sparky, because you and Sparky mean more to me than anyone will ever know.


    GOS section strings
    Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin
    and the following instruments are from GPO
    3 flutes
    one oboe
    one clarinet
    one bassoon
    two trumpets
    T-Bone overlay
    3 horns
    1 tuba
    Garritan Steinway Virtual Model D Concert Grand piano

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

    Wow! This is amazing! I knew that you had it in you!! I'm teary, so I should go. Great work sweetie
    Take care,

    p.s. maybe I can write a little more later

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

    That is beautiful, Mr. Dan! What a fine job of writing! I enjoyed your music very much. You must write more.

    Thanks for posting this pretty composition.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury


    Excellent writing, realisation and production.

    Lovely to listen to as well - which in many books is the most important test of all.
    Richard N.

    Finale 2003 to 2007 ~ Garritan GPO, JABB & Strad ~ Sonar 6PE ~ Kontakt 2 ~ WinXP Home SP2

    Athlon XP 2200 ~ 1.5 Gb RAM ~ M-Audio Sound Card ~ M-Audio 88ES MIDI keyboard ~ Evolution MK-461C

    Bach Strad LT16MG, LT36G, 42B + B&H Sovereign Studio Tenor Trombones ~ Holton 181 Bass Trombone ~ Getzen Bass Trumpet ~ Yamaha TR4335G Trumpet ~ B&H Euphonium

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

    This is excellent Dan. One of the most beautiful compositions I've heard for a while. Great use of the strad and the horns are a delight towards the end. More please. (that's an order!)

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury


    Very nice piece indeed. Lovely. The consensus in my house is that you have winner.

    It is nice thematically and orchestrated very well. The sound that you achieve with GOS, GPO the Strad etc. continues to amaze me.

    You have "big ears" indeed. (as we use to say).

    Thanks for posting this and allowing us to listen.

    David Mauney.

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

    As first compositions go, I'd say this gets an A+++++
    This is just marvelous. Your gift with sound and rendering is evident but the writing is wonderful. Bravo! BTW, that oboe is gorgeous.
    Never look at the trombones. It only encourages them. Richard Strauss

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury


    There are only two things I didn't like about your work.

    One, I would like to have heard the violin at the beginning a little more clearly over the accompaniment.

    Two, I didn't need the explanation of how the song came to be. If you have to explain the music, the music isn't doing the job. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS MUSIC. It does the job. I would listen to it all the way if I had picked it up randomly on,say, a car radio, or hearing it somewhere in passing, I would have stopped to hear it out.

    So stop with verbal preludes and give us the music - the good stuff.

    If this seems harsh, I apologize, but you've got the stuff. I want you to not waste precious time writing words when you've got the gift of expressing it magically in music. That's another "transition" worthy of sweated labor.

    I liked this work.


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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury

    Excellent. Very sensitive writing and orchestration.

    Nevermind that it may sound like so and so......KEEP WRITING!

    Good job.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Transistions in Life by Dan Kury


    Very nice writing, sensitive and expressive. Great use of the GPO instruments as always. Thanks for your explaination of the work. I find it interesting as to why an idea came to be reality.



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