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Topic: Enmity: a matter of opinion

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    Enmity: a matter of opinion


    My first shot at writing for a full orchestra. This is a piece of a larger work I'm writing, any advice or suggestions massively appreciated.

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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion


    interesting sounds, and also some of the harmonies are appealing. What is the background of this composition?

    I think you could EQ the reverb a bit to make it less metallic.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    In gewoon nederlands: "dit klinkt hartstikke goed".
    In plain dutch "this sounds very good".
    As Hannes_F already explained... do something about that mechanical sound.
    Go on posting new harmonical ideas.... they are worth listening!!!


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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    yeah, it does sound kinda metallic, doesn't it? i've been struggling with how to add reverb to this one, will try some more. This is the middle part of a mini three-part song about a friendship that turns sour after one disagreement too many. The first part will be fairly happy sounding, this middle part should be the somewhat 'tense' or even 'nasty' sounding, representing the disagreement. It starts off when the first heated arguments are brought forward, after which it slowly creeps towards the Big Bang. After that a final attempt to fix things is made but it's hopeless from the start as it inevitably results in the final, firmly spoken words. The final act will be slow, emptie and mournfull, in a way looking back at what happened. Or that's how I intend it to be. I posted a small prelude to this three-piece here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=52040 It should summarize the periods before this song.

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    I thought this was a pretty good first effort. Full orchestral writing can be tricky when starting out. Keep in mind that writing for full orchestra doesn't necessarily mean that the whole orchestra has to play the entire time. While such a full texture has it's place, a common pitfall for people with early orchestral compositions is that they have "too big of a brush" and "too much paint" on the brush. Much of the detail is missed. Very much like being in a crowd of people talking. You can tell that it is human voices you are hearing but little of the conversations taking place can be understood. Much different if only a few are speaking at a time or if they are all saying the same thing at once.

    Not bad though! Keep at it!
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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    Thanks for the kind words Scott. You're right, it is tricky, the best word I can find to describe some of the sounds is 'muddy' or 'undefined' The other two pieces will be much sparser, espescially the third one, this part should really be the big hammer in a way. It should also contrast in melody driven (P1&3) and massive 'blocks' of sound in this part.

    Regardless, I have lots to learn about full orchestral writing and your point is well noted. Thanks.

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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    It sounds like you have some new and interesting ideas in your music.

    Are you adding the same degree of reverb to all the instruments?

    Try cutting the reverb way back on the bass and percussive instruments and some on the strings and winds and give the brass a little more than the strings and winds. Just play with it a bit and I bet you'll be surprised what it can do for your music.


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    Re: Enmity: a matter of opinion

    I see you have posted the finished version in this


    I will catch up on it there, Sleutelbos.


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