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Topic: An Untitled Ballad

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    An Untitled Ballad

    Here's a simple piece I wrote a few years back. Not typical for my usual interest, but sometimes these ideas creep into the system.

    It features the GPO piano, percussion & string sections layered with some external synth, and EWQL samples.

    Untitled Ballad



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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    This was a nice piece. That oboe is fun to play with, huh?

    Be careful though, such a rich color as that can become dull if it is over used. You could easily trade the melody with flute, clar, or violins for development then on the recapitulation, bring your oboe back and tie it all together.

    Another technique you may get some mileage out of is having a more linear melody against the arpagiating piano line. The piano is doing a fine job of setting your chord structure in the beginning. It may have been more powerful (in my humble opinion) for the melody to linger a bit on the "money" notes. (notes on major beats that create dissonant tension or harmonic release)

    All in all, this was very enjoyable!
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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Great work here. Very strong and emotional. You have a gift for melody. I'll be humming it all day, lol. The rendering on this impeccible. The balance, clarity, reverb...all excellent. Bravo on a well written and performed ballad.
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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Thanks, Scott.

    I appreciate the positive comments. You brought up some very good suggestions.
    I would agree that experimentation in voicing is vital.. thanks for this reminder.

    It's a difficult thing to become objective and distance ourself from the work, when it's in constant playback.
    Hearing a piece for the first time will surely give a better impression. Perhaps I'll let it sit on the shelf for a few more years once again and come back to it with a new perspective.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Thank you, Bill

    It's nice to hear all my effort in the mixing didn't go unnoticed. I'm slowly (very slowly) understanding some of these basic principles.

    And thanks for the kind words on the melody!


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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    What a lovely piece of music. You did a fine job and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Way to go, Mr. Jeff! Welcome to America! Don't go back, eh?

    Isn't this FUN?!

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Thanks for the compliments, Larry!

    Sure, I'd love to stay here in the US for a long while... Or at least as long as my visa's will hold out, Lol.

    Thanks again!


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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Jsp2, this is really lovely. Both the composition and the recording of it (--I prefer the word "recording" over "rendering" which sounds like a cold process to me for some reason).

    During my busy afternoon I was determined to stop and hear one piece at GPO, and your simple subject line caught my eye. I'm very glad my ears caught your music. Thank you.


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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Many thanks, Randy.

    ...I'm glad you came by for a listen.

    Interesting, I agree with you on the "Rendering" term. Its a process we use in the 3D graphics industry,

    "Recording" is a more familiar term for audio, I would think...

    Still, when in Rome...

    Thanks for the nice words!


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    Re: An Untitled Ballad

    Hi, Jsp2

    This thread is about your very pretty composition, so I'm gladly giving it a boost on the list--but we have this tangent about "rendering," and after your new reply, I wanted to come back to say more on that.

    I had never run into the word "rendering" in reference to music until visiting this Garritan Forum. It seems like it's used most often to refer to the process of having the score in a notation program "converted" to sound. It really has a mechanical ring to it, like "photocopying" or it can even remind me of the process of pouring molten wax or metal into a mold--it doesn't sound like anything to do with Music with me.

    My orientation to "computer music" is in recording, making audio recordings. I'm not "rendering" my music, I'm playing it. But I've used various sequencers, audio recording software--I haven't used a notation program yet. So that's the source of my inability to relate to the notion of "rendering"--my relationship to what I'm doing with computers and music is different in some ways from people who are concerned primarily with generating printed scores.

    And--it's all a rather trivial point. lol.

    GREAT MUSIC---There--I brought it back on topic.


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