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Topic: A newbie question sequencer-eastwest-notation

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    A newbie question sequencer-eastwest-notation


    I am thinking of buying Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra Gold package, and a sequencer with good notation tools so that I can start composing and notating some classical scores. I have been looking at Cubase 4, but have read that it won't support necessarily all vst2 instruments. If I understand correctly, EWQL Gold is a vst 2 instrument and therefore would like to ask, that will it work with cubase version 4?

    I am planning to work with Audio as well, so my second question is, that what sequencer should i get so that i can work with midi / audio, and that comes with a good notation software to use as well? Is Cubase 4 the one to go with?

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    Re: A newbie question sequencer-eastwest-notation


    Welcome to the forums! My informed guess is that EWQL Gold will work perfectly with Cubase 4.

    I have Cubase VST myself, and also EWQL Silver, and they work perfectly together. Why wouldn't a newer version of Cubase work with an EWQL product? However, you should ask a Cubase distributor in your area just to be sure, unless you get a definitive answer from someone here. Or you can ask someone who distributes EWQL stuff.

    You can go on the Steinberg website, and under CONTACT you'll see a list of distributors. Call one of them or stop by, they should know.

    Cubase is a good choice and does it all, and Steinberg has been around a long time and makes great products, but there are a lot of other choices. You might want to ask around, or do some web searching, read reviews, etc. There are also recording magazines that you can check out in local bookstores and music stores.

    Hope this helps.


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