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Topic: Gpo String Trio

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    Gpo String Trio

    This trio uses gpo violin, viola and cello. I was trying to make it haromonically full sounding even though there are only 3 instruments. Please listen and tell me what you think.


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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    This was cool!

    Writing for a small group can be challenging when your objective is to maintain harmonic fullness, but I'd say you accomplished what you set out to do. I would have liked a bit more bottom end though. Could just be my crummy headphones, but sounded like the Cello was a bit low in the mix.

    Nice Job!
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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    Some lovely writing here Jay, with a hint of the baroque expressed in a fresh and modern way. I agree that perhaps a little more from the cello might help - but not too much though as the two upper voices are singing beautifully and harmonically here. Nice work.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    Nice one, Mr. Jay. I like it.

    You could perhaps give the listener some variety by letting each individual instrument have a short solo line from time to time, e.g., let the cello dude play a couple of measures by himself, then the others likewise in turn. As it now is, all three instruments are playing non-stop from beginning to end.

    Best regards,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    Scott and Graham, I think you are right about the cello being just a little to quiet. I brought up the volume for the cello and it does sound better. Thanks for listening and you suggestion.

    Larry, your point is very well taken. 'Listener fatigue' was not something that I considered when writing this, and I should have. As always, I appreciate your valued input.
    Thank you all for listening.

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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    Very well done, Jay!

    Writing for the trio is an art of itself; achieving
    fullness and balance; maintaining interest in the
    ensemble color; and many other factors.

    I might suggest a little more attention to a wider
    dynamic range across the piece; and, likewise,
    perhaps a bit more work with tempi.

    Much enjoyed!



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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    David, I appreciate your listening and your comments. I agree that trio writing is an art, as well as any small string combinations,(duets, quartets). There seems to be a lot of things to consider such as melodic and harmonic interest, contrast, dynamics, tempi, and a million other things that I am attempting to learn. I plan to keep banging away on this type of format until I get it right.
    Thanks -Jay

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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    I think you achieved what you set out to do. If you could hear it live (i imagine) it would meet your full expectation.

    Nice work,


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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    Three voices is a real challenge - there is no place to hide, harmonically speaking. Mozart was great at this, but then, he was Mozart...

    I'd agree with the preceding comments on more dynamic variation, but I get the sense that your purpose was to sound full/complete with the instrumentation - as opposed to getting too caught up in the rendering. This worked very well - never had the sense that anything was missing; it sounded assured, with a clear sense of direction.

    Great job!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Gpo String Trio

    i don't really have anything to add, but i will just say that i think it is very hard to write this type of music and you did a great job. keep it up.
    -Keith Fuller

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