Hi everyone
This is my first post on this web site( although someone might have seen a post of mine on EMU production forum with same login name).Well at long last I got my dvds of Worras prophet 5 and PMI Baroque organ both in the Giga 2 format.The thing is I dont have gigastudio,but the reason I got them in giga is, it was the one format that Sampletek had on offer I knew I could convert to my native Emulatorx 2 exb format.Well I've checked out Worras prophet 5 in emulatorx tonight and it sounds good,but because of it being a changed format it isn't mapped to the filters on my emulator.My questions; "are any filters mapped automatically in gigastudio like any of my proprietary exb samples are for emulatorx"?.The Baroque organ looks even more complex,and "is it a good idea to get the Gigastudio to run this"I'm not to sure it will work in emulator x the way it's been designed to work in giga.