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Topic: Logic Help!!! Please!!!

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    Question Logic Help!!! Please!!!

    hi, i just bought a new macbook pro with the new intel chip, but i can't figure out how to get GPO to show up in logic. i think i loaded it in the right folder and so forth, i ran the au manager and everything, but GPO just will not show up in logic. anyway, i saw that there needs to be an update for GPO and the mac/intel computers, does that have anything to do with it, or am i just dumb? anyway, please please please help me. thank you very much.

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    Re: Logic Help!!! Please!!!

    Hi Keith,

    I'm sure you have by now gotten the Kontakt 2 upgrade so that Logic will "see" the GPO Library.

    It sounds like you have a similar setup to mine. I have a MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM, Logic 7, GPO, and Kontakt 2.

    Let me know how it's going.



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