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Topic: Joyce Hatto Update

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    Joyce Hatto Update

    Joyce Hatto's husband has confessed to fraud.

    Joyce Hatto


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    Re: Joyce Hatto Update

    Geez... that's pretty sad. Tsk tsk!

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    Re: Joyce Hatto Update

    It would seem, though, that he has pulled off quite a clever trick, since the CDs now seem to sell for a small fortune BECAUSE of this trickery. I'd never heard of Joyce Hatto, but happened to see 'her' recording of the Chopin piano studies on ebay yesterday. It was already up to £23 (about $40) with a day to go, which caught my attention, because a new copy of, say, Pollini's recording would be an awful lot cheaper, so I figured there must be some kind of collector's thing going on.

    Your post has enlightened me. I guess people want the record so they can try and spot the actual recordings.

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