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Topic: Advanced Orchestra Extended to Kontakt 2

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    Advanced Orchestra Extended to Kontakt 2

    First of all, Greetings to all comunity!

    I'd like to ask you a question about Peter Siedlaczek Advanced Orchestra Extended library. I'm considering buying it, because (despite the age) i really like it's sound. The question is, will i be able to convert the EXS Patches to Kontakt 2? Do anyone of you have some experience with this library? Did they changed the sound much comparing to older AO-Set for AKAI? I've posted this to bestservice but I guess they are not very talkable about their products. I would be thankful for your insight.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra Extended to Kontakt 2

    Would you not be better off buying the Complete Classical Collection? Its Advanced Orchestra Extended plus some other Siedlaczek libraries. Its also a Kontakt player library, meaning 100% compatibility in Kontakt.

    Its available from Bestservices and Sounds-Online (remove hyphen).


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