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Topic: Capture Card question...

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    Capture Card question...

    Hi all, I have been told by a salesman at a computer store that I need to spend over $600 (U.S.) on a capture card.

    From what I gather, my fellow composers here do the following;

    1. capture video onto hard drive
    2. add music
    3. output the final video and music back onto the VCR

    The salesman claims that cheap capture cards dont have analog out and that I need this in order to send my final result back to the VCR. Is this true? Do I need analog in and out or can I capture from and to my VCR digitally in some way?

    Thanks in advance, Scott.

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    Re: Capture Card question...

    Umm.. Anyone?

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    Re: Capture Card question...


    I think the salesman is basically right. Cheaper video cards don\'t have A to D convertors or D to A convertors. In fact, most people bypass this because they use their digital cameras as the A to D and D to A convertors.

    You\'ll need a digital video card to convert the VCR\'s analog signal into a digital signal so that the computer can process it. When you\'re done editing, the digital signal gets converted back to analog signal so your VCR can receive it. The cheaper video capture cards enable you to hook up a digital camera so that you can import the digital video. But that\'s all they can do. Some of these can be purchased for about $50 (I think). However, a video card will be more expensive if it has analog convertors. A lot of people have digital video cameras which are basically analog to digital (and D to A) convertors in themselves, so when you connect the camera to a computer by firewire, the computer captures the digital signal and when you\'re done editing it on the computer you send it back to the camera--all in digital mode. Then the camera can be hooked up to a VCR because the camera (in many cases) has analog outputs and converts the digital signal to analog signal for the VCR.

    You\'ll need some video capture software too. Most basic software packages enable some sophisticated editing. Just about any decent software will let you sync music to video.

    Sorry if this is is repetitious and fuzzy. It\'s late.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. Thanks for your input on the hard drive questions I had.

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    Re: Capture Card question...

    Get on E-Bay, pick up a Pinnacle Systems DV500 Plus, they\'re under $400 right now. I paid $600 for mine, it works great, and even comes with Premiere 6.0 for editing.

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