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Topic: Chopin Etude Op10 no5

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    Chopin Etude Op10 no5

    GPO Steinway, working in Overture. Been working on this one on and off for a while. In my view it turned out quite good in the end. Been trying out some different attack vs dynamics to get the sound i wanted.


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    I'm amazed at how you can get such realism out of Overture. I've tried, and tried. Then again, I'm not as gifted!
    Truly enjoyed every note! Nice work.

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    Re: Chopin Etude Op10 no5

    For the most part this sounds very believable, more like a human performance - you have managed to get the articulation sounding unmechanical, a difficult thing to achieve especially with quick tempo piano music, I find. Perhaps the very fast downward rush of octaves at the end sounds a bit dry, I would have preferred a little more resonance here with the pedal, perhaps not quite so fast. But that's just my opinion! I look forward to hearing more - the very first etude op. 10 in C would be interesting!

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    Re: Chopin Etude Op10 no5

    The octaves at the end...ahh... i tried several different approaches on thoose. It's hard to get big chords sounding good i've found, especially played fast. Maybe i could slow them down more as you suggest.

    I've done some work on Opus10 no1 already (along with a few others: 10/8,10/9 and 25/11(winterwind).) I'll post them when/if i feel they're ready.

    I'm also working on my own composition, but we'll see if that gets posted. I must hook up my digital Piano to the PC in that case, playing it myself, rendering the notes in Overture doesn't sound as good at all.

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    Re: Chopin Etude Op10 no5

    Well done, Tocca, well done!

    Chopin smiles on you, I am sure!


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    Re: Chopin Etude Op10 no5

    Tocca this sounds great. The piano sounds realistic. I can't imagine notating all of those notes.

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