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Topic: Mixing / combining IRs - anyone tried this?

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    Lightbulb Mixing / combining IRs - anyone tried this?

    I wonder if anyone has already experimented with mixing and merging IRs from different halls and/or devices. So mixing the waveforms of two or more IRs in a DAW mixer or an app like SoundForge.

    I haven't tried this yet, the idea just popped to my mind, but I will surely do some experiments myself.

    Would this work? Or is this a road leading to muddy reverb swamps?

    Curious if some of you may have already tried this.

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    Re: Mixing / combining IRs - anyone tried this?

    I have combined 'Early reflections only' on the first four slots of PristineSpace and 'tails only' on the second four (each set of four used in True Stereo mode).

    The advantage is that the relation between the two can be adjusted by ear which gives interesting possibilities regarding the 'spaceness'.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Mixing / combining IRs - anyone tried this?

    Nothing wrong with mixing IRs, Peter, as long as your ears tell you that it sounds good. Mixing reverbs from several engines is common practice in "conventional" recording studios. Apart from that, I'd say that quite a few of the commercially available IR-sets are the product of carefully chosen mixtures of several IRs. - In the end the VSL's MIR relies on this basic principle too, when I think about it - and the results I know so far don't sound too bad, either. :-)

    All the best,

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