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Topic: RMX kit mode elements not auditioning

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    RMX kit mode elements not auditioning

    Today I was in the mix page using RMX — kit mode — in Logic. I wanted to change a snare, so tried to browse the available elements. When I clicked to play the various snares, there only was a quick visual blip of the play icon, which then disappeared, but nothing played. Also, when pressing the play button, it was the same "buggy" behavior. However, when I go from kit into multi mode, and then audition grooves in the same way, everything operates normally. I've never had any issue with RMX before—I love this plugin.

    I'm wondering if Logic is acting up, etc? I ought to be able to audition the elements (snare, kick, etc) while in kit mode, right? Is more memory needed for kit mode? Maybe that is what is going on?

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    Re: RMX kit mode elements not auditioning

    If I remember correctly you have to use a midi controller to audittion sounds in kit mode. I do not believe that anything happens if you "click" on the elements. Hope that helps.


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    Re: RMX kit mode elements not auditioning

    Yep, silly me. That was it... Thanks! I was so used to clicking on the element I didn't think. Now I know.

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