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Topic: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

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    Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    i think those 2 libraries get closer to the "hollywood" sound more than any other...Vsl is great but more classical oriented.....which do you prefer?? Thanks

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    I'm not a moderator and maybe I shouldn't be doing this but, you have made soooo many different threads, about all libraries around.... I mean, you should have made your choice by now, if not, you must find another way cause threads in NSS do not seem to help you a lot... :-/

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    All of the above forums are "what do you prefer? this or that?", or "what is your setup? what should I use?"...

    On your question now:

    There is no Hollywood sound. And although samples will help you, one way to get lush, rich strings, is to layer 1st violins, with 2nd violins, or even a 3rd articulation, to produce a sound coming from 30 string players+.

    That said, take a look at the articulations of both (I know that Platinum is pretty much complete... almost, but no idea bout SI), and see what you will use. Hollywood sound could have plenty of effects, like scratching glisses, etc... maybe one of the two do not fit that category? It all comes down to what you will use...

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    I have to agree with that...

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    Post Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Quote Originally Posted by aLfR3dd
    i think those 2 libraries get closer to the "hollywood" sound more than any other...Vsl is great but more classical oriented.....which do you prefer?? Thanks
    In order to cover more related material at the expense of specificity, I'll cover the strings' parent collections, rather than the modules, themselves. I have neither, but as I understand it, it comes down to one main decision. "Recorded ambience:" does one want 3 recorded perspectives and no requirement for a sampler (e.g., Kontakt2); or, loosing flexibility in recorded ambience, would one rather have moderately better performances in the samples, more recorded material, and more efficient total storage space and memory use requirements. The Sonivox Complete Symphonic Collection is about 80GB in size. Because both are 24-bit, one need only multiply that size by 3 and one arrives at 240GB. This figure is how big a 3-perspective recorded library would have to be to match the flexibility and sound of a 1-perspective library. The EWQLSO: Platinum Bundle is 138GB in size.

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    Cool Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    There is no library on the market that is the best for hollywood! It is always a question about the sound. And, Hollywood needs a lot of different sound

    For you, the first thing ever is what you have inside your head, your thinking about the result of what you want at least, your composing and how you are using this or this library

    There are some composers/artists who make a much better sound with GPO than others do while using Eastwest Platinum or Sonivox... .
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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Also consider VSL's Appassionata Strings for a big string sound. I purchased it recently. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am now a step behind my new library. I need more time to learn how to get the best from it!

    That said, the AS articulations aren't as numerous as some of the other options - something to consider, if you want col legno and other special effects.

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Judging from the demos I'v heard, the closes thing to that Hollywood sound is Appassionata strings from VSL. It's more a romantic sound buts it's the closes to that sound stage you here in movie. Add a good convulsion reverb and that's preety much it. EW has something close too. I wouldn't say that about Sonivox string thou, but the brass is IMO.

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    I believe you overstepped your bounds on this one - people come here to get help - not be harpooned.
    This forum is different from the other one you are on - the elitist type stuff is more or less expected there - not here.

    Just curious, which forum are you thinking of? I also wouldn't make blanketed statements like that my friend, in fact, this forum here has been the least friendliest to me personally (sob sob, just kidding), I think there is an element of humanity, in the good or bad in ALL forums, and different people have different experiences on different forums ya know, all depends on who you run into on certain days. I know nikolas, and he is a super nice and humble guy.

    I hear some people say there IS a hollywood sound, and some say there Isn't a hollywood sound. I don't have a particuilar opinion as of yet, and really, I could argue both ways. I have east west Gold Pro, and I really like some of the string sounds, and embetted ambience, Though I am gonna compliment it most likely with SI. If you are still deciding on which library to get, maybe as Nikolas suggested, if you like the sound of both, decide which would suite you better overall, or, get a smaller version of East west, and the larger SI.

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Hollywood sound comes from the Hall geeze.
    man who knows what you guys are going on about so here we go
    Platinum is not as alive sounding as Sonivox Strings, really those strings are so alive sounding so emotional.
    Platinum will give you the Hollywood sound right out of the box but you have GOld XP there is no reason to get Platinum your just getting the different mics all the Articulations are in Gold XP. You'll want a couple of computers on something like Midi Lan if your using Platinum.
    Creating amazing string ensembles and mixes really requires mixing two different layers of the strings or even Libs, it's nice to mix more raw sounds with a more polished fuller sounds.
    Remember this Hollywood sound comes from the Hall sound of Platinum.

    Now remember there are other String libs coming out maybe you want to wait.
    If were you I take advantage of a certain group buy happening now you will save an insane amount of money to get Gold XP then you can do the PLAY madness later HA!

    Appassionata was created as a more lush sounding string lib so yea it's all the Hollywood sound too.

    Yes GPO can do it but it's also more work think of going in and even moving notes back and forth in the piano roll for ensembles, it takes a lot of little details to create what you want. It deffintily can be done.
    Garritan will have new string lib coming up too so wait or do the group buy it's a no brainer for saving money.
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: Platinum Xp Strings or Sonivox Strings

    Geeze! What planet are you guys from? Everyone knows that the "Hollywood sound" comes from repeating 2 low trombone chords during the opening credits!

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