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Topic: gpo harp and flute

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    gpo harp and flute

    This song uses gpo harp and flute. I call it 'while the butterfly sleeps'. I originally wrote it as a music box song, but decided to expand it into something a little more. Please give it a listen and tell me what you think.


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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Very, very nice work Jay,

    Such beautiful harmonies.
    A gentle portrait and fitting theme for the delicacy of a butterfly.

    Enjoyed the (seemingly) simplicity of only two voices.. They really work well together.
    And some rather nice harmonic shifts.

    I think it would make an absolutely charming music Box.. What a great idea!

    Nicely done (surprised it's not getting more comments)


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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    nice tune, very relaxing, not a strange choice of instrument, but unusual in the low register of the flute. I thought maybe clarinet or oboe, but what do I know, NOT A LOT!



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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    A very lovely study for flute and harp, Jay.
    I enjoyed the harmonic work in this -- even
    if gentle in demeanor, there's some real
    meat in there to entice the ear and truly
    hold interest.

    Much enjoyed! Several times, in fact...


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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Jeff, thank you very much for listening and your nice words. I would like more people to listen to my stuff. I feel critical comments, positive and negative are priceless.

    Ray, I actually used a combination of bass flute and C flute to keep the melody in the pitch range that I wanted it in. Flute was the first instrument that came to mind, but clarinet or oboe would probably sound very good. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

    I am happy that you enjoyed this David and glad to hear that you listened to it more than once. I was trying to be delicate with the melody and harmonic movement.
    Thanks all for listening and your comments.

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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Jay, I tried to listen to this before setting off for work today - but IE7 fell over and I ran out of time. Can't download mp3s at work - quite right too! But I'll come back to this later.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Quote Originally Posted by GrahamKeitch
    Jay, I tried to listen to this before setting off for work today - but IE7 fell over and I ran out of time. Can't download mp3s at work - quite right too! But I'll come back to this later.

    Regards, Graham

    Got to this at last Jay - and glad that I did! Indeed, a delightful effort. The flute in the lower register contrasts well with the two harps. An interesting trio combination and good to listen to.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Graham, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. It actually is supposed to be a duet, although I did use 2 harps to get the sustaining effect that I wanted. I am surprised that you heard that. (good ears)
    thanks -jay

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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    first off, great piece - and i really mean that, but i do have a couple suggestions/comments:

    i think it if the flute had a tad bit more reverb (something that gave it a large room feel) it would have made it sound incredibly more real. i also agree with what someone else said that you might want to try an oboe in place of the flute. i feel that the oboe shines at that range, but this is all personal preference. my final suggestion is that this piece should have a noticable climax. one of the easiest, and most powerful ways of doing this is to have the lead instrument reach a note somewhat higher than it does anywhere else.

    but with all that being said i really do think it was a great piece. you used very interesting chords and had wonderful chromatic moments. most of the music i write is big with tons of instrument and i wish that i was able to cut them away sometimes and use just a few like you did here. people need to remeber that a small amount of instruments does NOT mean simple. continue writing because i think you have real talent.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: gpo harp and flute

    Jay, I really enjoyed that, it's very relaxing.

    Nice recording too!


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