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Topic: Downgrading to XP

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    Downgrading to XP

    I need a new computer that will take more memory, larger HD's etc, but I LIKE XP and I don't want to deal with compatibility issues for the next two years.

    My current music computer has never been connected to the internet, nor will the next one be, too many security issues. And I don't need the 'eye-candy' of Vista.

    Probably this is a way simple question, but will most all currently manufactured computers still run well on XP?

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    Re: Downgrading to XP

    Yes. I'm running Windows XP on an upgraded Core 2 Duo machine.

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    Re: Downgrading to XP

    Thanks, sounds good.

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    Re: Downgrading to XP

    I'm running a Core 2 Duo with a dual boot between Win XP Pro 32 bit and Vista Business 64 bit. Everything works fine in XP, little yet is compatible with Vista 64 bit. I am set for the transition as it happens over the next year or so. It would be nice if M-Audio released updated drivers for a start.


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