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Topic: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

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    How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    i have bfd, and am planning to get the following

    ewqlso gold pro xp bundle
    ewql symphonic choirs
    NI akoustik piano

    my computer is :

    amd3400 (dual core)
    2gig ram
    250 sata hard drive (7200rpm)

    basically i want to know, will my computer be able to handle all those, to help you answer more i will tell you my usuall song set up.

    around eleven midi tracks, one drums (bfd), two piano, two choirs, 6 orchestral.

    and four audio tracks, three guitar, one bass.

    basically what i want to know is will my track be able to playback fine with no problems. i dont mind a little extra loading times when initially loading the vst or a patch but the important thing is that i get unaffected playback and also unaffected input when recording in.

    i did get some crackles already with bfd when playing back, bu that was due to the sound cards buffer size being extremely low, and nothing to do wiht the processor/ram/hardrive.

    hope you can help,

    and this is a great forum by the way.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    Libs take a lot less than they're saying on the official pages. As most software products do. I've been able to run countless applications on hardware configurations far below the stated minimum requirements. With that kind of processor and Gold Edition, you should be just fine. I would maybe invest in another 2 GB of RAM, but that's just maybe.

    Also, if the 11 MIDI tracks don't have to be MIDI, just record them each to separate audio tracks too. With that, you should have no problem. With EWQL Choirs and Platinum and only Sempron 1.6 and 1 GB RAM, I go one instrument at a time from MIDI to audio, and have no problems. And that's with 24 bit samples.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    yeah i will probably get more ram,

    anyone else have any input.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    EWQLSC takes a HUGE amount of recources and still does not work terribly well.

    EWQLSO Platinum requires a LOT of cpu resources as well IF you are planning to compose an entire 128 piece orchestra without track freezing and with all 3 mic positions at 24 bit.

    The system you speced out seems up to the task, but if it is not a custom built system (more a store-bought off-the-shelf system), then it was not intended for composing using sample sets.

    Oh yeah, one last thing. Your audio solution is probably the most important peripheral and you did not mention what you have.

    You MUST get a good sound card or audio solution that uses Asio or at least WDM/MME. Using the vanilla sound card that comes with your computer (or a soundblaster or anything off-the-shelf at compusa) is audio suicide. You simply won't get anywhere FAST!

    Just a thought.


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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    audiophile 2496

    not a store bought computer, just asked for what i wanted, and installed windows myself etc. and all other software.

    plus isn;t there that musix xp site that tell you how to optimise your system if its used solely for recording, i will try and find that and use that too.

    yeah well i know choirs takes a lot,

    as as ie xplained in the post im not think of having 128 idi tracks and 128 patches loaded,

    just a good small mix thats blends together well.

    sure i will experiment with orchestral stuff, but then ewqlso will be the only thing loaded and again it shoudln't do to bad.

    but for what i plan to do (around 11 midi tracks)

    so you guys think ill be alright? (especially if i add another gig or two of ram)

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    In order to make a compromise for a big detailed template, I've thought about creating and carefully crafting it with all of my settings for each individual instrument track frozen at the start, so all of my filter settings/staccato-legato stuff/et cetera for each instrument is sitting there, ready. Having 3GB of RAM, I could run most of my stuff one unfrozen track at a time without disk streaming, too. It will be a lot of work, but it could pay off dramatically. Just doing a short but effectrive song to see what precustomizations one needs for a given template instrument track for a pleasing and efficient result seems to be a good way to begin. For instance, I worked on a 3-staccato/1-legato-velocity-layer trumpet preset, loading it six times in kompakt with different levels of filtration, attack, decay, and gain for a satisfactorily-usable 3-volume-timbre trumpet when the original instrument was only usable for 1 or 2 notes here or there and not a quality melody or harmony line. I simply had to use the mouse for the piano roll entry and select among the 6 channels for different aspects of the trumpet line, which made me think more about the instrument and the part, and tailor the melody carefully--all good things to do in my humble opinion.
    I have a 1.5Ghz Althon .....and run EWQL Colossus as my only commercial virtual instrument library. I ran 10 Virtual Instrument Midi tracks at once with no freezing in Sonar 5 Producer Edition for a while until I learned that freezing was my good friend. At least Half of them were composed of 24-bit instruments, and 3 of them had 8 presets each loaded and playing at once.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    okay seems like i should be okay then, especially if i use track feezing.

    thanks guys,

    still anyone else who wants to give their feedback i would apreciate it.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    I have EWQLSC with SATB + Boys wordbuilder and choir FX running in about 400 megs of RAM and it works just as well as it does with 2 gigs. If the hard drive is fast enough and you are running Kontakt 2 you can force the preload buffer to 18 kbs and load tons of stuff.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    okay that sounds great

    so it looks like i should be okay, especially since my track count wont be as massive as many people.

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    Re: How much computer rescources do big libraries take?

    I would HIGHLY recommend getting a separate drives for your system, your samples, and your recorded audio. Often times the bottleneck with samples, since they are streaming from disk, is the hard drive. And when the needle on the hard drive is trying to read system info then quick jump to read hundreds of samples, then jump to read/recordd audio... yeah it can get bogged down. Plus hard drives these days are dirt cheap. check newegg.com

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