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Topic: Some Tunes I Wrote

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    Some Tunes I Wrote

    Hi, i was wondering what you guys think of my music. i just got back into writing again, and these are some tunes i've been working on. The two that i used GPO with are Valentine and Slow March (the other two have some GPO in them as well, but they aren't "orchestral"). anyway, i'd appreciate some feedback/suggestions and i'd love to do the same for anyone else. thanks a lot.


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    Re: Some Tunes I Wrote

    Hello Keith! Welcome to the Northern Sounds Forum.

    There's a lot of solid energy in these pieces. With your classical pieces, you have a good handle on the dramatic film score flair. The orchestration is very well done, reminds me in style a lot of some of Silvestri's stuff. I think you could develop your melodies/motifs to a greater extent, but as you mentioned you are just getting back into it, it is not a bad start at all.

    Regarding performance, come to learn and love the legato controllers. You'll find your strings in particular have ten times the performance with them. I'm listening with a pair of headphones, but your mixing seems solid too. Reverb and volumes are at comfortable levels.

    Again, welcome! We look forward to hearing more from you in the future!


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    Re: Some Tunes I Wrote

    Thanks for that tip on the legato, i'll definitely try that out. i just bought a macbook pro, so i'm still waiting for GPO to get caught up so i can use it in Logic, but when it all finishes up i'll give the legato a try. the only problem i have is when i do legato on an instrument that can handle polyphony (like the string sections) the legato keeps all the notes sustaining rather than bridging the notes. if you know of how to handle that please let me know, because i completely agree with what you're telling me. thanks again, i appreciate the help.
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    Re: Some Tunes I Wrote

    A warm welcome to the forum, Keith!

    Some excellent broad strokes and cinematic writing,
    Keith; and an able command of orchestral resources.

    I do sense you struggling a bit -- but not with the
    more with control of the tools.

    In Valentine, for instance, I think I'd suggest
    backing off reverb. It's good, strong, dramatic material,
    so don't bury it. I'd also have a look at end-to-end
    dynamic range on this.

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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