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Topic: GVI-Latency problem!

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    GVI-Latency problem!


    installed GVI using as a VST in Cubase SL3 everything is working but the problem is that when I press a key on the keyboard the sound is a bit too late.
    Using GS3 there was never a problem with my ASIO Settings.
    Latency is 10 ms and I changed it to 5 ms- no difference.

    Anyone an idea how to fix that?



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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Are you sure that GVI/Cubase is using ASIO and not the WDM drivers?

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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Sure...I tried to make a complete new song in cubase an then load
    GVI now the latency problem is gone. When I load an older song in which
    I use GS3 and I use the GVi instead of GS3 I have this latency problem.

    There are also running Stylus RMX and Real Guitar2L at the same time.

    Any idea for this behaviour?



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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    I'm using Cubase 4, and have the same issue. While I really like GVI, this and other problems are almost making it impossible to use as a vst for me. Shame. BTW, I get the latency when I play the virtual keyboard as well.

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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Strange. I'm using GVI in Plogue Bidule and the latency is quite low.

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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    I'm having the same problem in Sonar. If I run GVI in stand-alone mode, there is no latency. But if I run it as a softsynth in Sonar, I get a ton of latency.

    If I can't figure this out, I don't know that I will be able to use GVI.

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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Hmmmm, I take it back. I seem to only get the latency when I play GVI through Sonar via my MIDI keyboard. If I RECORD the MIDI and play it back in Sonar, then I get no latency at all. But if I am playing the GVI softsynth on my keyboard, I get definite latency.

    However, if I play the GVI standalone app via MIDI it works great. So I have to assume this is an issue with Sonar.

    Is there some way to load multiple instances of the GVI stand alone app? I'd love to just load up 4 of those suckers and replace GigaStudio 3. But I don't know that I want to do it through Sonar with the latency issues.

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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Cubase has a box in its settings that you can check for "latency offset," which does a pretty good job -- maybe Sonar has something similar tucked away in its Option menus?


    Have you already played with the Latency Slider and the "Windows Driver" and "Audio Sample Depth" options in GVI's Configuration Manager (see p. 25 of the Manual)?

    I moved the Latency Slider all the way to "faster" and then edged it back in, just the teeniest, tiniest bit back....


    Here's a general article on latency, which may or may not tell you anything that you don't already know:



    I can only share what I've learned from using Cubase... maybe something will translate to ev'ryone else's DAW/sequencer apps

    Cubase uses something called "plug-in delay compensation," which can have an effect on latency -- there is an option to "Constrain Delay Compensation," which may or may not relieve some of yr latency-related woes... (check yr manuals... or look for something similar in yr non-Cubase DAW apps). There are also external bus parameters (including "delay") that you can tweak in Cubase -- and, presumably, in other comparable apps -- to account for latency stemming from external effects...

    I also noticed the following in the Cubase manual:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubase Manual

    About latency

    Depending on your audio hardware and its ASIO driver, the latency
    (the time it takes for the Instrument to produce a sound when you
    press a key on your MIDI controller) may simply be too high to allow
    comfortable real-time VST Instrument playback from a keyboard.

    If this is the case, a workaround is to play and record your parts with
    another MIDI Sound Source selected, and then switch to the VST Instrument
    for playback.

    ? You can check the latency for your audio hardware in the Device Setup
    dialog (VST Audiobay page).

    The input and output latency values are shown under the ASIO Driver pop-up menu. For live VST Instruments playing, these values should ideally be a few milliseconds (although the limit for ?comfortable? live playing is a matter of personal taste).
    Quote Originally Posted by Cubase Manual

    Internal mixing and latency

    One problem with mixing inside the computer is the latency issue we
    mentioned earlier. The VST engine always compensates for record latencies,
    but if you are monitoring through Computer 1 you will hear a
    processing delay while you listen to signals coming from your other
    computers (not on your recording!). If your audio card in Computer 1
    supports ASIO Direct Monitoring you should definitely turn this on ?
    you'll find the setting in the VST Audiobay Device Setup panel (see
    page 57). Most modern ASIO cards support this function. If yours
    doesn't you may want to change the Offset value in the VST System
    Link Setup panel to compensate for any latency issues.
    Some more food for thought...
    — alanb




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    Re: GVI-Latency problem!

    Cool, I went into the Sonar Audio Options and changed the Mixing Latency to the minimum, and now the GVI softsynth is definitely playable in realtime. I think there is still a tiny latency there compared to GigaStudio 3, but it is definitely usable.


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