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Topic: Registration - again

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    Registration - again

    I am curious to know if anyone else is having this problem and if so, what the "fix" is.

    We have GPO on a laptop, and we registered it last summer. My son informed me a few days ago that GPO had become unregistered and it needed to be redone.

    I ran the authorization key tool, and it generated a system ID that DID NOT MATCH the one that had been generated for this system last summer. The only difference in the machine since then, really, is that he's installed Komplete 3 on it as well.

    I copied that new system ID to the clipboard, printed it, and painstakingly checked it against the other one from last summer that is on NI's registration page. They were different in quite a few places.

    So, since the system ID's did not match, I decided to deactivate the old system ID and its registration key and get a new one.
    (I needed to deactivate it because we also have GPO on a desktop, and that uses up our two authorizations.)

    Deactivating the authorization for the laptop from last summer was my second mistake.
    My first one was simply not copying last summer's key from the NI registration page and plugging it into the laptop's authorization program to see if it would work.

    With the prior laptop authorization deactivated, I then tried to register it under the newly-generated system ID. I was then informed that this system ID is the same one that's on there from before; therefore, it would not let me get a new authorization key.

    I emailed NI tech support about this and got two separate responses: one with a tracking number for my request and the other telling me that since I'd deactivated the system profile I could not get another registration for that same system.

    It's just not the same one, unfortuately. There are a number of different digits when the two are compared.

    Any ideas?

    By the way, for reasons that I sure don't understand, the old key worked when I decided at that point to copy it from NI's registration page and put it into the laptop, having no other solutions.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: Registration - again


    NI's tech support folks sent me an email informing me that they'd reactivated the profile for the laptop that I'd deactivated because the system ID on the site is not the same that the authorization key program generated for me this time around when I was going to re-register the program.

    Problem solved.

    Thanks, NI!


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