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Topic: Ivory Key Noise Problems

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    Ivory Key Noise Problems


    My nick name is Guideo and I just boutght Ivory 1.5 for my PC. It sounds great, but the biggest flaw is that the Key noise although turned down all the way is very dominate and sounds like a big thumping sound, especially when I hit the B note right next to middle C. Even all those notes within 7 steps of each other have such a thud and I even tried to EQ the bass out and that doesn't hep much. It's horrible.
    Granted Ivory sounds great when you play down the scale, but when you even mildly pound on some chords in a 4/4 time signature you will hear what I'm talking about!
    To me the key noise is so annoying, that it's not worth anything if I can't play in a regular fashion while hearing a constant thud everytime I hit cords in that area. It's like the db. from 0 to -24db is no different. If you record something and listen back, you should see what I'm talking about. I contacted synthogy and they had no answers, but for some reason. I hear a vibrent thud and I know that it's not my midi controller because I tried it even at octaves down and still had the same problem. I'm very disapointed.
    Anyone else have this problem? Or just listen to chords in that position and tell me that you dont hear a constant thud?

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    Re: Ivory Key Noise Problems

    What preset is this? With una corda samples or not?

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    Re: Ivory Key Noise Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by electone2007
    What preset is this? With una corda samples or not?
    It's will all three pianos, no matter what preset I use... But I don't understand by what you mean by una corda samples?

    I am using protools LE 7 and I know that it's not my midi controller?

    If you have any advice, I would love to hear it becasue I can't record any music with that thud sound going on in the backround...

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