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Topic: An amazing card trick

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    An amazing card trick

    I was so amazed by this I put it on my site. Spoiler warning!!! If you haven't seen this before and don't want to know how it's done, read the thread after you have a go;


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    Re: An amazing card trick

    I won't ruin the fun, but I've seen the trick many times before and this is just a good variation.

    Neat home page, though, Tom!
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    Re: An amazing card trick

    Hey, that's pretty twicky! How did they do that? I feel as if me mind was scanned! Eh, never mind ... that would be a trick in itself.

    Thanks for posting! I've never seen before.

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    Re: An amazing card trick

    I've seen this trick too many times.

    Where did all those jacks come from?
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    Re: An amazing card trick

    Saw this years ago - the version I came across had you saying your card aloud; made you wonder if there was a microphone attached to your computer! Once you figure it out, it is still pretty clever.
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    Re: An amazing card trick

    It's even more amazing than you realize... I thought of ALL the cards at once, and they ALL disappeared!
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    Re: An amazing card trick

    Just a simple trick on a computer, try to do that in real life - can't (well, unless you are a magician with all his/her toys) The resulting cards are different from the starting cards, not one is the same card. So, removing your card was simple, just show four different cards from the ones that you started with. (Oops, sorry, ended the sentence with a preposition, am I bad?)

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    Re: An amazing card trick

    No, but you totally screwed things up for all who are seeing this thread for the first time by explaining the illusion up front. Way to go!

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: An amazing card trick

    none of the cards show up at the end, they use cards that are similar so you don't think about it, and it'll get you the first time (or maybe two). either way, pretty cool.
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    Re: An amazing card trick

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan
    I was so amazed but this I put it on my site.



    I was sooooooo getting weirded out at first... That is so neat. I gotta link this to my friends.

    That was so much fun.

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